Top 5 Best Party Hostels USA

Top 5 Best Party Hostels USA

Drinking, dancing and wild acts of debauchery go hand in hand when you check in and party hard at the top 5 best party hostels in the USA.

Forget a boring hotel room stay when planning you’re holiday break in the USA. For maximum insanity combined with unforgettable memories, plan to stay at a wild and crazy party hostel. Leave your inhibitions at home, cut loose, get loud and join the party with the people who know how to party. The Americans go as hard as anyone around the globe with a well worn backpacking party scene. It doesn’t have to be spring break, or even summer to party like a there’s no tomorrow. That being said, expect plenty of skin in New Orleans, hedonistic nights out in party favourite Las Vegas as you pack out the back of a limo chugging down champagne magnums, taking bumps whilst thrown your hands upwards to the heavens amongst bright lights. Crawl from bar to bar in Chicago and party like a player on the South Beach of Miami.

Head to the USA and check out the best party venues with like-minded travellers for a liver crushing trip of a lifetime.  Party all night, sleep all day, fall in love, fall over!

Welcome to the land of opportunity.




Where? Chicago – Illinios

How Much?

Bed in the Cheapest Dorm Room

$26 USD


We offer a great atmosphere with outings daily to places like Kingston Mines – a great blues club to our regular pub crawls, comedy nights, free meals & BBQ’s, bike rides and a whole lot more. – Chicago Getaway Hostel

Not a traditional party hostel with no drunkards passed out all over the place, more of a slick, flashpacker, sparkling oasis on a tree lined street of Chicago. They still know how to get the party started at Getaway. I had the pleasure of staying at Getaway in August 2014 and the place knows the backpacking business. No bar onsite, yet they don’t mind grilling up a storm on the back patio as you get your drink on with new friends in a friendly social setting. Chicago Getaway Hostel organises a killer pub crawl and nights out to jazz clubs for some of the best partying had in this sometimes overlooked city. One of the stops on the pubcrawl has a Long Island Ice Tea boasting an incredible 10 shots. Many of my accompanists knocked back 2 in the hour stay…for the record, they were from England.



Where? Venice Beach, California

How Much?

Bed in the Cheapest Dorm Roo

$22 USD


Nightly activities starting in their lounge introduce you to fellow backpackers and take you out to some of the best night spots in Venice and Santa Monica. – Samesun

The Samesun chain has a reputation to party in Canada and has set up shop in sunny California with a party hostel right on the beach. For a wild time, get yourself down to gritty Venice Beach and party the night away. Drinking, frivolity, misbehaving and occasional celebrity spotting is all too common when you check in at Samesun. Start your Californian dreaming in the vibrant and eclectic locale and experience craziness on a night out exploring the pumping night spots of Venice and Santa Monica.



Where? Las Vegas – Nevada

How Much?

Bed in the Cheapest Dorm Room

$30 USD


Cat hosts party nights out, drinking games, sports in the park and they love to crash a rooftop pool & jacuzzi at a great hotel just a minute away… it’s the best vibe ever! – Hostel Cat

Las Vegas conjures up visions of partying at the highest level. immediate thoughts of the movie The Hangover, lost memories and lost fortunes. Hostel Cat offers a budget alternative without missing any of the insanity of a Vegas getaway. The ‘easy to meet people’ vibe is their trademark as well as legendary partying. Hostel Cat takes you to the best places for free (or cheap), drinking games happen on site, popular rooftop bars/parties, limo rides and don’t forget the jacuzzi.

Hit the hottest clubs & party your ass off in Vegas with Hostel Cat.

Party Tip – Hostel Kat was featured as set in the movie ‘The Hangover’



Where? New Orleans, Louisiana

How Much?

Bed in the Cheapest Dorm Room

$25 USD


India House Hostel is the perfect place to meet like-minded people and the atmosphere is second-to-none. India House Hostel is an awesome place to party before heading out for a night of fun in N’awlins.- India House

New Orleans is a party mecca with a reputation for outrageousness…and beads…and boobs!

India House is your place for a riotous party. Listed many times as one of the craziest and wildest party hostels worldwide. With a huge courtyard, swimming pool and BBQ, India House is set up as a base to get the party started, and keep it going. A great location, nearby the Latin Quarter with guests that are ready to down drinks like a sport. With so many festivals on, get to New Orleans, go to India House and soak up the crazy atmosphere with like-minded guests who know how to party every day of the year.



Where? South Beach, Miami – Florida

How Much?

Bed in the Cheapest Dorm Roo

$35 USD


LOWEST PRICES, the CLEANEST, the MOST FUN, the BEST ATMOSPHERE and the BEST LOCATION of all hostels in Miami Beach. We are located on 9th Street, right in the middle of the Art Deco District, just steps from one of the World’s most famous beaches and the hottest nightlife, restaurants, pubs, clubs and shops. – Miami International Traveler’s Hostel

Miami International Traveler’s Hostel has the party culture down to a fine art. One of the craziest and best organised party hostels you will ever find, and I have been to plenty. It’s a place that accepts you with open arms and does it’s best to break you…in the best way possible! They genuinely strike the right balance of high end Miami Beach partying and somehow controlling the backpacker’s budget. Starting on the front deck with kegs and pre-drinking to control the finances, before hitting cheap pubs and top end clubs on the party bus/limo. Free entry at clubs like Story (as seen on HBO tv show Ballers) & the iconic Mansion. Sunday partying takes place at renowned Nikki Beach Club. There’s a party every night and you can chill all day on the white South Beach sand, a mere stones throw away. This place is so well run, systematically planning how to take things so out of control. Release the animal within and party all night long!

Trust me, this place is INSANE!    

There it is – the Top 5 Best Party Hostels USA.

All the opinions and reviews are my very own and there was no sponsorship, advertising or outside influences in creating this list.

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