Top 10 Things To Do & See in Greece

Top 10 Things To Do & See in Greece

Here is a list with my Top 10 Things To Do & See in Greece:

10 Historical Athens

The Acropolis is visible from anywhere above Athens crowned by the Parthenon.

Ancient ruins around every corner with grand bustling squares aplenty, this city is hot & there’s a definite love of concrete but the significance of history is evident all about.

The Greek capital is more than just a stopover on the way to the islands.

9 Beautiful Beaches

Waste away the day sunning oneself on the many, many stunning postcard worthy beaches. The further away from the crowds the better.

8 Perfect Photography

Selfies, snapchat, Instagram, facebook, screensaver, twitter, the list goes on & on. Take an envy inducing photo & upload on social media – no filter or photo-shopping required.

7 Cliff Jumping

Nothing better than  jumping off a huge cliff and making a splash in azure water.

6 Santorini Sunset

The most beautiful sunset if not a bit crowded is a jaw dropping experience. Reputed as the number one spot in the world to, ‘pop the question’. Be mindful of the plentiful supply of jewellery retailers on the walk down if hand in hand with your significant other.

5 Lava Swim

Take a molten wash through the gooey warm waters around the volcano island off Santorini’s coast. Rumoured to be great for the skin.

4 Get Drunk

Ouzo is a favourite however there are plenty of other options such as wine, a chilled bottle of local beer –Mythos & lethal cocktails.

When drinking spirits, remember the golden rule. Fear the free pour!

3 Dining

Beautiful greek cuisine. Fresh seafood, tasty greek salads & yummy lamb. Best enjoyed with a sunset view and great friends old or new.

2 Get Lost

Wander the alleys, get lost in a labyrinth of whitewashed walls and not know what’s coming around the next corner…but know it’s going to be awesome!

1 Paradise Beach Party

The wildest party in Greece, the hedonist hot spot on Mykonos Island kicks off in a big way in the early afternoon & people dance into the night, not wearing a whole lot while downing toxic drinks. Look out for former Italian porn star the Elephant Man on the microphone.

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