What not to do on vacation in the summer of 2023

What not to do on vacation in the summer of 2023

After three years of the pandemic, tourists have resumed travelling during the summer holiday.

But planning has become chaotic due to insufficient infrastructure, claims the director of Booking.com.

According to statistics, tourists made 42% more trips than in the summer of 2022.

In an interview with Forbes, Glenn Fogel, CEO of Booking, states that airports and hotels were overwhelmed last year but boasts that his staff had to deal with millions of tourists speaking 40 languages.

Glenn Fogel offered some advice: “Don’t check your bags. Take the bare essentials.”

Asked by the host of the Forbes interview if he could offer some advice, Glenn Fogel relayed to the tourists:

  • To travel with only one suitcase or suitcase, to save time and money.
  • To take a few clothes, even if it meant making friends with washing machines.
  • Don’t stress about checking your bags.
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