Tropical Islands Around the World

Tropical Islands Around the World

One of the greatest vacation destinations is a tropical island. The climate is constant, the food is exquisite, the shopping is affordable and you can take part in seasonal sports all year long.

Perhaps the first and obvious attraction on a tropical island vacation is the beach. Tropical islands are renowned for beautiful white sand beaches unlike any others in the world. It’s the contrast of the colors that produces such a wonderful affect as the white of the sand contrasts with the deep blue of the ocean water.

You can’t find this color scheme anywhere else and because tropical islands recognize that their beaches are their main assets, they’re sure to keep them free from the pollutants that so often despoil beaches in the industrial world. These unpolluted waters are perfect for every sort of water sport from surfing to swimming to snorkeling. In fact, there’s no better climate for snorkeling and scuba diving than the tropical climate.

If you’re new to snorkeling or scuba diving, make sure you take advantage of the many lessons and guides that cater to beginners on every tropical island. The wealth of instructors is one of the greatest parts of vacationing on a tropical island where, because of the tourist industry, it’s possible to learn almost any leisure activity. And because of the purity of the water, you’re certain to be able to see things underwater with clarity unavailable in the waters of an industrialized nation.

And although most tropical islands are not part of the industrial world, they are part of the developed world. Their economies are rich and they offer every amenity of the United States and Europe so that while you are on vacation you can enjoy the different climate while enjoying the same standard of living.

Indeed, the shopping is one important aspect of a well-developed tropical economy. Shopping in many island nations is duty-free. Some islands like St. Martin’s, the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic are known specifically for their jewelry. It’s possible to buy every sort of precious metal and stone at a steep discount while you’re on your tropical vacation.

But the duty-free shopping is an ancillary part of a tropical vacation that for many is focused on seasonal sports. Most tropical islands have numerous golf courses that operate year round. Golf tourism constitutes a significant segment of general tourism as golfers from cooler climates seek access to warm weather and open courses year round.

Plus, the singular beauty of the beaches and foliage of a tropical island spills over into the design of courses with water hazards and white sand traps. Even if you aren’t a serious golfer, access to a course is one of the many amenities that most luxury beach hotels offer and it’s a great place to learn the game. Clubs can always be rented for a day or a week and lessons are sure to be had at the course’s pro-shop.

But if golf isn’t your game and you’re not traveling just to be pampered, another important part of any tropical island vacation is exploring the food. Of course, the resort or hotel you stay at will be able to prepare the typical comfort foods of any western nation but you’d be wasting your money to stay at a tropical island and not experience the island cuisine that the locals eat.

Tropical island cuisine is unique in that it’s influenced by the foods of many nations and waves of immigrants. This produces a blend of tastes and styles that draws from English, French American Indian, African, Dutch, Indian and Chinese foods.

Each tropical island is a distinct nation that offers travelers a unique experience. If you like to golf, swim, surf, eat, snorkel or just relax, there’s something to do in the tropics.No matter what you want to do with your vacation, you can find activities to keep you busy and all in a pleasantly warm climate. Next time you travel to your favorite tropical island, consider a timeshare vacation. When you choose a timeshare vacation, your family will enjoy all the comforts and luxuries of home while experiencing an enchanting tropical island getaway.