Best Burger in Adelaide

Best Burger in Adelaide

I believe I have discovered the holy grail of burger joints, right here in my home town of Adelaide, Australia.

Having sworn off late night fast food burger chains that shall remain nameless, my love and search for a quality burger began with over the top, jaw-breaking pub burgers and quality food trucks dotted around the squares of Adelaide rising to prominence.

The good old honest burger is back, better than ever before.

The central square of Adelaide, confusingly named Victoria Square and diamond shaped, houses a hole in the wall venue where all things tax dodging and mouth-watering burgers are celebrated. Unassuming, yet under your nose, situated smack bam in the middle of the city. You would be forgiven if you walked right by, but very well rewarded if you stepped inside; The Taxpayer – Burger & Booze Bar.

After no less than three visits to The Taxpayer on Victoria Square, I am now convinced that this is where you will find the premier burger in South Australia.

VALUE 8.5/10

The glory days of the Gilbert Street Hotel & Burger Theory are now all but distant memories with the discovery of the cheekily named Wesley Snipes burger. Complimented with Pacific Ale beer and a side of perfectly salted fries for a touch over $20. Value, quality, a perfect bun to burger ratio, balanced condiment distribution and precision, medium-rare beef subtlety. An almost imperceptible dripping blood coloured brilliance as I devour without returning the creation to the tray between bites. There was no stopping for swigging of beer, no time for fries, just the demolishment of this joyously tasty burger.

BURGER 9.5/10

The Wesley Snipes Burger

It would be sacrilegious to even compare the golden arches in the same breath, suffice to say that for double the money of a Big Mac, you’re delivered an entirely foreign creation. Delicious, yes. Inexcessive pricing, of course. Big, but not overly so. Every element counts, well balanced simplicity. In a clumsy word or two or three – very fucking yummy.


The restrained décor is neither wanky or grungy, a classic, refined warmth of comfort, a dare I say relaxed vibe. Beer kegs line a wall, open brick for another, hanging lamps and simple coloured stools cap off a casual, not quite industrial element atmosphere suiting a well-heeled barrister while still attracting penniless artists hashtagging their inspiration. A reflection of current trends with just enough of the old school.

Decor Inside


The service is some of the best. An often overlooked component of a burger joint. Critical importance in my eyes. The Taxpayer surpasses with balanced charisma, mildly flirtatious smiling and equal parts enthusiasm from the cute as ever waitress. All at the same time, a consummately professional performance. Extremely fast and efficient. A1.


I’m on the campaign for a better burger in Adelaide. I’m unapologetic with my declaration of this current burger euphoria. I feel as if I’m exaggerating when a burger is such a simple dish, but it is so often an unachievable feat. A disastrously constructed mess that the majority of restaurateurs serve up. Not here. Get your arse to The Taxpayer and enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures, a delightful, honest, crave-worthy burger.


The Taxpayer – Burger & Booze Bar

Wesley Snipes Burger – $14


193 Victoria Square, Adelaide

All opinions are my own. No sponsorship or outside source influenced my views in this article (and never will)  

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